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Italian National Day

The Italian contingent of Headquarters, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) held its traditional National Day Reception on 2 June at Cassels House in Rheindahlen to celebrate together, in the genuine spirit of multi-nationality, the 46th Anniversary of the Italian Republic and the 150th Anniversary of the Reunification of Italy.

The Italian Senior National Representative and Deputy Commander of the ARRC, Major General Riccardo MARCHIO, welcomed over 70 multinational guests from the ARRC Group, the Italian Support Element, Italian Representatives from SHAPE and the local German community.

As the occasion was the last chance to celebrate the Italian National Day in Germany, Major General Marchio took the opportunity in his speech to thank the host nation for making the Italian Community feel at home and for constantly supporting the community.

He stated: "Our time in this wonderful region will always be remembered as a fantastic and memorable experience. It has been a truly enriching journey for all of us, both from a social and a cultural perspective, which I am sure will be remembered long after we have left.”

Major General Marchio then thanked the United Kingdom, the Framework Nation, for the splendid support provided by the Odyssey Team right from the early beginning in the planning phase through to the ongoing execution phase of the move. In conclusion MG Marchio expressed his best wishes to all partner nations competing in the upcoming FIFA World Cup, but in particular to the Italian National Team, "that will save us from all the humiliation we have suffered when playing rugby!”

At the end of the official part of the celebration, the Italian contingent provided a sampling of excellent Italian wines and cuisine including Parma Ham and pancetta, mini pizzas and bruschette, tomato – mozzarella and basil sandwiches.