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NATO Headquarters Sarajevo has been almost 18 years since NATO first deployed 60,000 soldiers to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the immediate aftermath of the war.
 In November 2004 the SFOR mission ended and NATO HQ Sarajevo came into being with a much smaller presence but with a mandate that was specifically focused on Defence Reform, an essential pre requisite for integration into European and international institutions, and a key element of national security. NATO has an enduring commitment to Bosnia Herzegovina.
Role of NATO in Promoting Cooperation and Security in the Balkans

On Monday, 17 March, NHQSa Commander, General Hart, took part in the event organized by Atlantic Council in BiH in the Albanian Embassy premises, titled "Role of NATO in Promoting Cooperation and Security in the Balkans”.
NATO HQ Sarajevo hosts the Seminar on Material Management - Information technology support to operational Logistics Reporting and Planning in the AF BIH


NATO HQ SARAJEVO SEMINAR ON "Information Technology support to operational Logistics reporting and Planning in the AF BIH”, FOJNICA, 17th to 20th FEBRUARY 2014.

Workshop on the system for the secret data exchange

The workshop on the system for exchange of secret data and common information system for security vetting is being held in Mostar from 18 to 20 March.
The 19th Regulations Drafting Workshop, supported by NHQSa, was held from 10 to 14 February in Zenica.

Subject matter experts from the MoD, AFBiH and NHQSa worked on eight regulations with 397 pages of provisions, over 40 various annexes and more than 1000 articles and provisions. Participants were split into 3 operative working groups, each drafting and preparing a set of regulations.