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NATO Headquarters Sarajevo has been almost 18 years since NATO first deployed 60,000 soldiers to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the immediate aftermath of the war.
 In November 2004 the SFOR mission ended and NATO HQ Sarajevo came into being with a much smaller presence but with a mandate that was specifically focused on Defence Reform, an essential pre requisite for integration into European and international institutions, and a key element of national security. NATO has an enduring commitment to Bosnia Herzegovina.
NATO and BiH Armed Forces embody the Olympic values

This weekend, General Petty had a very successful visit to the University of Travnik Faculty of Education.
Important step in NATO EUFOR cooperation

Brigadier General Petty and Major General Luif signed yesterday a Technical Agreement between NATO HQ Sarajevo and HQ EUFOR.
General Petty visited BiH Ministry of Security

Brigadier General Petty visited yesterday the BiH Ministry of Security (MoS) and met with Assistant Minister of Security for Protection and Rescue, Mr. Samir Agic and his team.
Deputy Commander JFC Naples, LTG D. Michael Day visit to Sarajevo

Deputy Commander JFC Naples, LTG D. Michael Day met yesterday with the BiH Minister of Defence, Mr. Zekerijah Osmic, and the AFBiH Chief of Joint Staff, LTG Anto Jeleč.