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M. Polo-Galilei school visits JFC Naples


Lago Patria, Italy – Over 60 students and faculty of the "M.Polo-Galilei” Elementary School of Cardito, Naples visited the Allied Joint Force Naples base on Apr. 15, 2014.

JFC Naples members monitor PfP evaluation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Members of Allied Joint Force Command Naples recently conducted a monitoring event for the NATO Monitor Level 2 exercise, planned for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* Military Units in army training area, Krivolak – Pepeliste on Apr. 07-11, 2014.

Regional Exercise 4th Workshop Planning Workshop was conducted in Istanbul,10-13 March 2014.


Regional Exercise (REGEX) is the only NATO supported exercise opportunity for partner countries to plan from the beginning to end according to their training requirements.  JFC Naples initiated  Regional Exercise (REGEX 14)  with the first planning workshop in 08-11th October 2013, in Ataturk Wargaming and Convention Center, Istanbul/TURKEY.

JFC Naples 65th Anniversary of NATO


On Friday, 4 April 2014 the Commander of JFC Naples, Admiral Bruce W. Clingan celebrated the 65thanniversary of NATO by cutting of a cake with Lt General Vance, DCOM and Lt General Di Marco, COS.

JFCNP Military Partnership Branch participates in the annual Military Partnerships Coordination Workshop, Serbia, 31 March to 4 April 2014


NATO places a very high value on its relations with what are known as partner nations and has a complex network of initiatives which allow and promote working closely with them.