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Location & Facilities


Located just outside of the town of Lago Patria in the region of Campania is the home of NATO's Allied Joint Force Command Naples. NATO took ownership of the new site in Lago Patria in May 2012, which promises to propel JFCNP into the future by providing a bold and technologically savvy home for one of NATO's most visible commands. 

Lago Patria is an "open headquarters” designed to foster cohesiveness and increase efficiency. A ceremonial courtyard in the center of the main complex offers a relaxing space to meet while discussing issues over a café from the coffee bar located just steps away. The Community Center, which resembles a wedge shooting towards the sky, will be home to the All Ranks Club which offers a commanding view of Lago Patria and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the horizon. It is sure to be the professional setting for numerous Alliance and national events. While at the Community Center, you might choose to grab a bite to eat at the International Mess, shop at the SAVE Center, get a haircut, mail a letter at one of the post offices, catch up on the news at the library, go to a lecture in the 352 seat theater or visit one of the many concessionaires.

Built at a total cost of more than 164 million Euro, the new installation will enable JFCNP to execute the full spectrum of steady state and contingency operations. A state of the art Joint Operations Center and a conference complex that offers 10 virtually "wired” meeting rooms will help make daily operations and inter-command communications more efficient.

Lago Patria is an installation that captures the imagination and inspires one to look toward the future. Reflecting pools, industrial facades, unique shapes, and a distinctively modernist interior design make Lago Patria more than just a military headquarters. The news site's facilities can also be considered modern art that capitalizes on form and function. Tall interior office windows and skylights bring in natural light reducing the building's energy consumption. The technological plant will use ice and water to cool buildings, a forward thinking concept that is environmentally friendly.

A fit body is key to fostering a sharp mind which leads to thoughtful discourse. Lago Patria's physical fitness programme will complement this imperative with offerings such as an outdoor Olympic size pool, tennis, basketball and squash courts, cardio and weight rooms, a sports field, regulation running track and perimeter running path – perfect tools for the avid and novice sportsman.

Built to support more than 2,000 NATO staff members and three separate commands, Lago Patria is a busy operational headquarters location; however, the site offers even more room for future expansion. This flexibility makes Lago Patria the ideal place for future NATO growth and regional development. Additionally, Italy's financial commitment to improving the highway infrastructure that services Lago Patria is the perfect prequel for future civil and military partnerships.