Allied Joint Doctrine writing team rewrites doctrine

Group Photo of the AJP-3 Writing Team. Photo by DEU Air Force Master Sgt. Dennis Tappe.
13 Feb 2017
NAPLES, Italy -- On Feb. 7-9, Joint Force Command Naples hosted the Allied Joint Doctrine (AJP-3) "Conduct of Operations” writing team to rewrite AJP-3 to meet NATO standards and needs.

German Air Force Lt. Col. Frank Beyer, Plans Doctrine Staff Officer, worked with AJP-3 writing team members from Germany, Poland, France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States along with NATO organizations including, the Joint Warfare Centre, Civil-Military Cooperation Centre, Military Engineering Centre and Command Joint Operations from the Sea Centre.

As part of the AJP-3 writing team, JFCNP hosted the meeting to assess, coordinate and adjudicate all comments and recommendations submitted by NATO nations and organizations on the previous AJP-3 draft.

With more than 1600 comments and recommendations, the writing team recorded all decisions and communicated these decisions to the AJP-3 custodian. The writing team also determined the way ahead to finalize the development of AJP-3.

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