KFOR XXII in Command: NATO’s “Enduring Commitment” in Kosovo

Kosovo Force Commander, Major General Salvatore Cuoci, receives the NATO flag from Admiral Foggo, Commander, Allied Joint Forces Naples Italy. General Cuoci is the 22nd commander of the Kosovo Force. Photo by French Navy Maitre Sébastien Laurent
Nov 16, 2017

Blog by Admiral James Foggo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the Kosovo Force change of command ceremony at Camp "Film City" in Pristina. In a time-honored tradition, Major General Salvatore Cuoci relieved Major General Giovanni Fungo and assumed his duties as the 22nd Commander.

From September 2016, Major General Fungo commanded more than 4,000 women and men from 28 nations who contribute to maintaining a safe and secure environment in the region. His motto, "Trust and Commitment,” was more than just three words. It shaped his operational plan. KFOR now conducts synchronized and transparent patrols with Serbian Armed Forces, operates an automated surveillance system to protect the 14th Century Decani Monastery, and contributes to maintaining a safe and secure environment for elections. His team expanded relationships, promoted dialogue, and built mutual trust. They committed to progress.

In the presence of representatives from the United Nations, European Union, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Institutions in Kosovo—we celebrated the achievements of General Fungo and the continuity of the important mission. General Cuoci and I are committed to making even more progress. I look forward to working with Mr. Thaci, Mr. Haradinaj, other leaders in the local and international community to expand our mutual trust and commitment to peace and security.

At the conclusion of the ceremony today, the Kosovo Security Force Military Band played the NATO Anthem. In concert with progress-makers in the region, NATO is committed to long-term peace and security. Major General Cuoci’s new KFOR motto says it all: "Enduring Commitment.”


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